Do you want the busiest booth of the expo?

You want Excellence, Experience & Award Winning Quality. You’ve found it.You want Excellence, Experience & Award Winning Quality. You’ve found it.

You want Excellence, Experience & Award Winning Quality. You’ve found it.

High quality Tradeshow Headshot Photography at your Las Vegas Convention. High quality Las Vegas Food Photography & Las Vegas Menu Photography for your restaurant, social media or cookbook. High quality Las Vegas Event Photography & Las Vegas Convention Photography, no matter how big or small.

Studio quality Commercial Portraits and, Advertising Photography and Editorial Photography. High quality Las Vegas PhotoBooth Photography by photographers with all the fixin’s. Classic, timeless FUN MAGAZINE-STYLE Award-Winning Las Vegas Wedding Photography & Las Vegas Elopement Photography filled with real emotion, brilliant lighting, and unforgettable photojournalism.

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A little bit about me.A little bit about me.

A little bit about me.

I’m an experienced, professional, full-time photographer kind of obsessed with quality. Quality photography. Quality experiences for my clients.

I’m a family guy. The most important thing to me is my wife & four boys, and I’m trying to put Christ right at the center but not doing such a great job of it.

Steven Joseph Fogarty and Christina Fogarty and our four boysAfter that I am definitely a photographer...

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Opinions and thoughts...

  • How Do I Increase Traffic and Dwell Time to my Tradeshow Booth by 25%

    The best way to draw traffic to your tradeshow booth. The best way to increase dwell time and traffic by up to 25%. Forget USB sticks and chapstick and mouse pads. Give your audience something they really want, really need, will appreciate you for, and that gives your sales people a long line of captive audience that will be the envy of every other booth.

  • Kurt and Zach take over The Neon Boneyard, DTLV and Atomic Liquor

    Theater people are just so shy.

    They feel so awkward when in front of a camera, and it really shows, dontchathink? Eyes down. No smiles. Slumping shoulders. Zero emotion.

    It’s really tough to photograph folks as timid as are Kurt, Zach and their friends from the theater. One of the most difficult group I’ve ever had to work with. </end sarcasm>

    Seriously, does it get any easier than this (photographically speaking)?

    And would it that everybody were as obviously grateful and delighted to be married as are Zach and Kurt, wouldn’t the world be a much better place? These guys – and their whole party – are just so full of life and love and exuberance. It was truly a delight and a privilege to spend time with these guys after they’d gotten married in Vegas.

    We started out at the world famous Neon Museum for a post-ceremony photo shoot.

    We then strutted on down downtown Las Vegas (DTLV) for some graffiti and finally wrapped it up in the storied Atomic Liquors, the hipster bar from where they used to go to the roof to watch the above-ground atomic bomb tests northwest of Vegas.

    Big giant congratulations to Kurt and Zach in their new life together. Thank you so much for choosing me to document the afterglow of your #LasVegasWedding at #TheNeonMuseum and #DTLV adn #AtomicLiquors, who are always so friendly and welcoming.

  • Steven Joseph Photography Was Just Voted Top 200 Blogs of Las Vegas – Yay

    So, I’m watching Hawaii Five-O on Netflix with my family (a show we can all get behind … mommy likes McGarrett’s abs, I like *all* the different scenery, who doesn’t love Dano’s & McGarrett’s bromance and we all love the explosions.) And I get this email congratulating me that STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY has just been voted one of the Top 200 Las Vegas Blogs on the web.

    Well hidey ho, I had no idea. I read through the email, looking for the ask, where the sender invites me to sign up for some group or hire him for SEO, or whatever. But no ask. Just a sincere congratulations on being the 104th most popular blog on Las Vegas in the whole world. Heh. And I wasn’t even trying! I’m just over here making pretty pictures and making blog posts about the pretty pictures and the people I meet for whom I make pretty pictures.

    So there you have it. 104th most popular blog in the world about Vegas. You read it here first.

    I think I’ve got some photos to edit, so see you later …

    But if you click through below there are some pretty cool blogs there I hadn’t known about, about food and mid-century furniture and vintage Vegas photos and Vegas sports and Harley Davidsons and even Affordable Fashion and Baking. Who knew?

  • Another great couple elope to Las Vegas DTLV East Fremont

    Another great couple elope to Las Vegas DTLV East Fremont. Actually they were already married. For 25 years!

    Wearing her original dress from their wedding 25 years ago (haught!) Tamara and Richard came all the way from Spokane *without the crumb snatchers* for a true vacation in Vegas. They wanted to celebrate their anniversary with a sexy fun photo shoot in DTLV. They are so chill, so fun, so easy to be with. Thank you guys for honoring me with the opportunity to document such a great anniversary!

  • How a couple of normal middle class American families celebrate the 4th of July

    This is how a couple of normal middle class American families celebrate the 4th of July.

    We get together with our good friends the McLaughlins most 4th of Julys in their cul de sac. Drink some beerskis. Eat some delectables. Fire off some star spangled boom boom. Watch the kids play a little street basketball. Go splash splash in the pool. Enjoy our uncountable freedoms. And thank God we live in America. Happy Independence Day!

    #StreetPhotography, #Fireworks, #StreetBasketball, #PoolBasketball, #DrinkingBeer, #AmericanFamily, #IndepenenceDay, #4thofJuly

  • Las Vegas Advertising Photography for Small Businesses

    This legal firm is doing some new branding, and their advertising firm recommended they call me. The advertising firm forwarded some great guidelines, we worked out a schedule and fee and a couple days later we went to work. After their building security forbid us from shooting on property, we just rolled with it by driving over to The Smith Center for a quick outdoor shoot. Great to work with these guys, and I can’t wait to see their new branding.